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Helpful Handyman LLC Basement Systems will help you realize your basement dream by designing and constructing each room to your specifications. Whether you are looking to entertain, exercise or simply relax in your basement, we have a design to compliment your home and lifestyle. We offer basement makeovers that range from a play room for children to media rooms for adults.

Healthy, Clean & “Green” With Helpful Handyman LLCBasement Systems

Thinking of a Basement Makeover? This web-site will help educate you on the facts about the different ways you can finish your basement. To start, many homeowners ask why finish my basement? The very simple answer is a properly finished basement will add value to your home. Compared to building “up”, (an attic bedroom addition) or building “out” (family room addition) a properly finished basement is an inexpensive way to expand your living area. The next few web pages will help you design your new Finished Basement.

It’s A Helpful Handyman LLC Basement System: Utilizing only the latest technologies, our basement’s innovative wall panel offer unsurpassed quality and construction. Whether you are looking for a game room or media center, Helpful Handyman LL Coffers the best of what you need at an affordable price!

Structural Insulated Panels by USA Remodeling

Additions built with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are engineered to be stronger and more energy efficient than conventiional built additions. Building with Structural Insulated Panels to create a high performance building envelope is the first step to producing a “green” building that is strong, energy efficient, and cost effective. Energy use and thermal efficiency are two of the anchor points of a green building, Homes that use less energy and generate less carbon dioxide emissions have a smaller impact on the environment.

Health, Comfort, and Durability: One of the most significant factors to maintain clean fresh air is to have airtight homes and proper air exchange. Sips walls are 15 times more airtight than conventional stud walls. Sips construction can address all your indoor comfort needs by eliminating air infiltration and increasing your insulation value given your greater comfort. The Ideal Building Material: Structural Insulated panels are strong structural system consisting of foam (expanded polystyrene) insulation laminated between sheets of structural sheathing. This simple sandwich forms an amazingly strong structural panel for building walls, roofs and floors

Magnesium Board SIPs

Our newest and most versatile Structural Insulated Panel avaible today. We have combined the benefits of SIPs construction with magnesium board. What Makes Our Wall System the Best? Panels with Magnesium mineral board, the best known inorganic material that is water proof and mold resistant, unlike gypsum (sheet rock). Magnesium has replaced gypsum (sheetrock) in Europe. In Europe, the uses of magnesium range from interior wall covering to exterior walls and roofs to commerical counter tops. Magnesium is a muti purpose, versatile, non-combustible building material. It is hard, inert and paperless construction panel that has superior characteristics over panels made from gypsum, cement, wood and paper particles. Magnesium is environmentally friendly, fire, moisture, heat, mold resistant construction board that insects and rodents can’t feed on. Magnesium also gives you a better impact resistant and higher sound attenuate.

Helpful Handyman LLC Basement Systems are manufactured with proprietary processes, with magnesium compounds to deliver a muti-purpose, versatile, non-combustible Structural Insulated

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