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Exterior Maintenance by Helpful Handyman LLC

Helpful Handyman LLC will ensure the exterior of your home is the envy of your neighborhood

The exterior of your home is what forms neighbor's and visitor's opinions of you. The way you maintain your home and yard is the first impression of yourself to many people. Ongoing exterior maintenance services will keep your home in beautiful shape for many years to come. the most direct reflection of pride of ownership.

While performing any outside maintenance task, assembly and making sure all needed materials are handy for the job will save a lot of time and frustration that may occur midway through. From Christmas lights to debris removal, outside maintenance varies dependent upon season and often involves prevention and repair.

Routine maintenance such as caulking can prevent weather stripping, whereas cleaning gutters and putting up or taking down Christmas lights are annual activities. Christmas lights and other ornamentation lead to pride of ownership when done correctly. Often, stringing Christmas lights along the roofline serves as enough cheer to the holiday season without risking too much safety on ladders and roofs. Hedge trimming and pressure washing keep the home looking nice and well maintained. From dry spots to undesired lakes in the yard, repairing broken sprinklers lines and heads is a simple solution to seemingly larger problems.

Helpful Handyman LLC is available to tackle tasks that gardener's duties may not extend to such as hedge trimming and sprinkler repair. Helpful Handyman LLC can also handle debris removal, pressure washing, gutters cleaning, weather stripping and caulking to keep the home looking nice year round.

Pulling into the driveway after a long day's work is a reminder of why you work so hard. Turning up the street and catching a glimpse of home after a long vacation is a welcoming site, or a thorn in your side if maintenance outside needs to be done.

The importance of wheelchair ramps in the world

With the senior population being bigger than ever, senior safety is becoming increasingly important. In today's world we have become accustomed to seeing wheelchair ramps leading into most public buildings. They are commonplace, allowing the disabled easier access to government offices, retail stores, and almost anywhere they could need to go, than they would have if no ramp was present. While the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) forced public buildings comply with accessibility laws private homes are exempt, and rarely have an access ramp for disabled people.

Handyman Matters has plenty of experience building ramps for senior and disabled customers, and will comply with ADA standards for the correct materials used build a wheelchair ramp. Handyman Matters offers home repair and renovation services for senior citizens in order to help them remain independent and safe in their homes, including the construction of access ramps.

We can provide home safety inspections that identify all of the safety and mobility hazards in a home and make recommendations on how we can help remedy these issues. We will provide you with a complete report outlining all of the repairs and modifications that we can do to help make sure that your living space is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Simple updates, adjustments, and remodels can transform a home into a living space that functions efficiently for senior citizens.

Exterior Senior Safety Services

All services are not performed at all locations, check with your local Handyman Matters for availability in your area.
  • Motion Detector Lighting
  • Wheelchair Ramps
  • Handrails