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Homes have a lot of options when it comes to siding material—vinyl, aluminum, wood shingles, composite, and others—but when it comes to siding repair, the only option for homeowners is an experienced, licensed, and fully-insured contractor.

Veteran contractors from Helpful Handyman LLC repair all manner of siding—removing and seamlessly replacing sections of wooden shingles, vinyl, aluminum, composite, clapboard siding and more—so your home’s exterior regains its curb appeal while providing renewed protection to your home’s framing.

Helpful Handyman LLC’s siding repair work is licensed, insured, and guaranteed. Averaging 15 years of carpentry and skilled trade experience, our technicians not only get the work done right—with the proper caulking, sealing, and painting—they can also identify the root cause of the damage and suggest a course of action that will keep the problem from repeating.

Rot, mold-and-mildew, rust, dents, storm damage, water damage, heat damage—Helpful Handyman LLC will fix the siding and make sure that all the work is visually seamless, and that it offers full protection to your home and its framing.

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